Intellimarc: Distributed Real-Time Protocol and Media Analysis
Intellimarc is a highly scalable carrier-class monitoring and diagnostics solution for voice and video over IP communications. Intellimarc consists of software probes located at or near the customer premise and one or more aggregators typically located in the providers Network Operations Center (NOC). Intellimarc provides more than 125 metrics per call and reports call detail records in real-time. The detail records are stored in an SQL database and the results can be integrated into existing reporting systems through flat files, SNMP or the Radius protocol. Software probes scale in capacity from 4 calls to more than 2,000.
Probes fully remote controlled, remotely updatable
Integrates into SNMP-based management systems
Stores 1,000,000 call records per GB of disk space
Easily integrates into existing back-office systems
Remote alerts, alarms, watches, and packet capture
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