Intellimarc™ Unified Communications Monitoring Solution Version 5.4.0
We are pleased to announce the release of Intellimarc version 5.4.0. Intellimarc is a carrier-grade software solution for monitoring and troubleshooting unified communications (UC) networks. Intellimarc provides real-time call records and can support one to thousands of simultaneous voice and video calls per software agent. With thousands of deployments world-wide since 2009, Intellimarc has been battle-proven on large carrier networks scaling up to 20,000 concurrent calls per site and millions of simultaneous calls network-wide. This software release includes a number of feature enhancements and a revamped UI improving usability and adding a series of new reports.  Request access to online demo
Version 5.4.0 Enhancements
The addition of “Sites” which allow you to define segments within a given software agent (probe). Previously, each call record was associated with the probe that reported it. With sites, each probe can be segmented by IP address grouping (e.g. Sales is, Support is, etc.). There are no limits on the number of sites within a probe. Reports can then be viewed in the context of a probe, or a site within a probe.
The addition of user-defined alert and alarm triggers. Previously, alerts and alarms were on a system-wide basis. This enhancement allows the creation of triggers for typical UC issues at a site level giving you tighter control and the ability to vary alerts/alarms on segments within a probe. Email notification can be configured if a given problem persists over a user-defined period of time and frequency (e.g. 10 occurrences within 5 minutes).
New landing dashboards for aggregator, probes and sites displaying an overview of call activity, alerts and alarms and recent events.
All reports can now be viewed over specified timeframes and in the context of a probe or in the context of a site within a probe.
Enhanced querying of CDRs which allows you to specify the timeframe (date and time) and optionally phone numbers, IP addresses, only completed calls and also limit the number of records returned. Each CDR entry allows you to drill-down into the details for call and media KPIs.
Enhanced querying of QoS report which allows you to specify the timeframe and optionally phone numbers, IP addresses, MOS score upper limit, R Factor upper limit, Jitter lower limit and packet loss lower limit. It also allows for the specification of stream direction (both, only source, only destination) and also limit the number of records returned.
New Peak Volume report which shows the peak number of calls for a probe during a specified timeframe. This report is very useful for capacity monitoring and planning.
New Top Talkers and Top Hosts reports. These reports allow you to identify top usage by phone number and IP address/host.
New monthly call summary report. Displays call volumes and trends by month for this year or last year.
New Network Trends (Network Performance) report with both source and destination hourly information (min, max, average) during a specified timeframe for: Packet Loss, Jitter, MOS Score and R Factor.
Updated Network Overview report providing a dashboard-like view of overall network KPIs for a probe or site.
New Call clearing report showing the distribution of call-clearing codes over a chosen period of time by probe or site.
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