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Touchstone Technologies announces addition of tone confirmation in WinSIP 3.1

( Hatboro , PA. July 21, 2008 ) Touchstone Technologies today announced the availability of version 3.1 of its WinSIP SIP testing solution. This release adds media path confirmation tests through the detection of audio patterns. Version 3.1 also enhances its DTMF testing capabilities by giving the user complete control of the transmission characteristics and now supports the testing of back-to-back devices with DTMF.

Mark Stacy, Touchstone's CEO/CTO said “The addition of the tone confirmation tests in conjunction with the existing DTMF-based path confirmation tests provide a significantly enhanced toolset for the testing and diagnostics of devices such as audio conferencing bridges. The media path confirmation tests are also a quick and easy way to test end-to-end systems and troubleshoot difficult media path problems.” Mark went on to say “The recent enhancements to WinSIP have given our users a significantly improved tool. I am very proud of the dedicated efforts of our engineering team to bring these features to the production version in such a short period of time.”

Version 3.0 of WinSIP was announced on July 1, 2008 and included an XML-based scripting engine and availability of MOS and R Factor determination. WinSIP continues to raise the bar for affordable, comprehensive SIP-based testing with its combination of power, ease-of-use, and the flexibility to function as an end-to-end tester, a load generator, a feature and function tester and general purpose Q/A tool. Combine this with the availability of end-to-end MOS and R Factor scores, and you have a complete set of tools in one software package.