Post Capture Protocol Analysis
TraceBuster utility will save you countless hours of deciphering SIP and H.323 calls over converged networks. We are so convinced that you will find this utility to be an invaluable part of your toolkit that we are giving it away! Over 5,000 individuals have downloaded the Free TraceBuster utility over the past 18 months. See what industry pundit Tom Keating had to say in his blog article " Free VoIP TraceBuster utility".
Top-down display of call activity
Intuitive, drill-down approach reveals ever finer levels of details
Watch and alarming mechanisms
Perform detailed signaling analysis
Import WinPCap trace files
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TraceBuster Professional $99
TraceBuster Professional w/QoS $695
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 Features Free TraceBuster TraceBuster Professional TraceBuster  Professional w/QoS
 Replay LibPCap Traces
 Replay WinEyeQ Traces
 SIP Signaling Analysis
 H.323 Analysis
 Call Flow Diagrams
 Signaling Metrics
 Online Help
 Record/Capture record only
 Maximum Calls per File 1,000 10,000 10,000
 Total Metrics 305 525 675
 Individual Call Metrics 80 300 450
 User's Guide online only
 Signaling Capture  
 Media Capture  
 Media Analysis  
 DTMF Analysis (RFC 2833)  
 IP Filters  
 Alerts and Alarms  
 User Watches  
 CDR Report  
 Summary Reports  
 Protocol Trace Reports  
 E-mail Support  
 Live Support    
 Audio MOS Scoring    
 Audio R Factor Scoring    
 Jitter Buffer Emulation    
 RTCP XR Decoding    
 RTCP XR Summary Rpt.    
 Price Free $99 $695