WinEyeQ: Real-Time Protocol and Media Analysis
WinEyeQ is highly regarded as one of the world's most accurate voice and video analysis tools as evidenced by Network World's recently awarded Clear Choice Award. In this article entitled "Touchstone Technologies is spot-on with VoIP monitoring" the Network World Lab Alliance details the criteria used to compare five of the world's leading "Voice Analysis Tools" and determined that WinEyeQ's results were consistently more accurate than those of the other competitors.
Real-time, top-down display of network activity
Intuitive, drill-down approach reveals ever finer levels of details
Delivers up 650 metrics per call while on-net, 325 per completed call
Extensive watch and alarming mechanisms
Capture and record calls and their media for further forensics
Import WinPCap trace files
Marketing Slick
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Voice and Video Analysis

WinEyeQ is an ideal solution for voice and video over IP analysis. Requiring nothing more than a standard PC, WinEyeQ can analyze hundreds of simultaneous calls with audio and video. WinEyeQ's intuitive, top-down approach makes finding individual call metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) a snap!


WinEyeQ's inherent duality as both an analysis tool and monitoring solution make it flexible enough to be used as part of a distributed call monitoring solution as well as a standalone analysis tool. Integrated into Touchstone's peering fabric, WinEyeQ can function as a remote probe in the IntelliMarc distributed system.


WinEyeQ's alerts, alarms, and watches allow you to easily isolate calls or send notifications via SNMP when problems arise. With a wide array of user-configurable alarms, you can count on WinEyeQ to alert you to trouble as it is happening.

Version Summary

WinEyeQ raises the bar by further distinguishing itself from “VoIP-aware” protocol analyzers. By extending its VoIP-centric view outward, WinEyeQ brings a unique new picture of the relationship of Voice and Video over IP traffic to other data components of the network in true, “Triple-Play” fashion.

Enhanced Protocol Support

WinEyeQ now provides support for HTTP, SMTP, POP3, FTP, RTSP, SNMP and TELNET protocols, affording a clear, concise, and intuitive portrait of all of the components your network.

New Data Scope Technology

WinEyeQ now incorporates Data Scopes as a core component of the representation of your network. Data Scopes are graphical representations of logical groups of components, allowing the user to “drill-down” on any category revealing ever-finer levels of details. Each Data Scope can be represented as either a Bar or a Pie chart and includes histograms for every metric, allowing you to examine the recent history of any and all activities on the network. These data scopes enhance the user experience by providing a natural interface to network analysis techniques.

Extraordinary Value

While most solutions specialize in either monitoring or analysis, WinEyeQ provides both in a seamless, intuitive fashion. This duality makes WinEyeQ the technology of choice for your complete lifecycle verification requirements. Add to that the fact that WinEyeQ is 100% software based, making it extremely portable and equally at home at any point from laboratory to last-mile.