WinSIP: High Volume SIP Call Generator
Turn any PC into powerful SIP testing station!

WinSIP is a powerful, easy-to-use, software solution for SIP call generation, performing feature and function testing, and testing advanced media capabilities. WinSIP can provide high-density loads at incredible rates without the need for any specialized equipment. A modern mid-tower machine can generate nearly 1,000 simultaneous calls with perfect G.711 audio streams and nearly 2,000 with G.729. Add to this WinSIP's ability to learn new CODEC types, and you have everything you need to test your SIP-based products and services. Include WinSIP's optional R Factor and MOS scoring for a superior value in end-to-end quality assessment verification.

Technical Specifications
Screen Shots

SIP Feature and Function Testing

WinSIP now includes the TestML an XML scripting engine. This new feature allows WinSIP to emulate any device and call flow with straight-forward, easy-to-use XML scripts.

Advanced Media Testing

WinSIP can "learn" new CODEC types allowing you to easily extend both audio and video capabilities. In addition, WinSIP optionally adds Telchemy's VQMon engine for media stream quality analysis.

Extraordinary Value

WinSIP provides an unrivaled combination of power, portability, flexibility, scalability and affordability. Available in configurations ranging from lite to enterprise, there is a version of WinSIP available for every budget and application.

Power Plus

WinSIP was born and bred for the R&D labs of leading equipment manufacturers. After its initial deployment, it became immediately apparent that one of WinSIPís major advantages was its unique combination of power and portability. No other software-only solution provides the call capacity and flexibility of WinSIP. From its ultra-fast Touchstone-designed SIP stack to its video capabilities, WinSIP offers a very attractive, powerful, leading-edge solution for all of your SIP call generation needs.

Ubiquitous Nature

WinSIP was designed to cover all aspects of your lifecycle needs. WinSIP provides essential features for all of your lab, installation and maintenance, and diagnostic needs. Equally at home on high-end multiprocessor servers or on the most portable of laptops, WinSIP can evolve with you as your project moves towards deployment. Add to this the fact that WinSIP is licensed per chassis, not per processor, and you have the ability to determine what configuration is best suited to your application based upon your capacity needs and your budget. But best of all, you can freely and effortlessly move your WinSIP license from machine to machine as your needs change or when you upgrade or change equipment.

How Interoperable Are You?

At Touchstone, we believe that complete, in-depth, firsthand knowledge of the protocols is an essential part of building a comprehensive, objective, flexible and customizable test solution. Our engineers understand the protocols we support 100% because they have studied, designed and implemented the solutions themselves. This familiarity assures not only an objective test solution, but can prove to be an invaluable resource when diagnosing interoperability issues.