Touchstone releases version 5.4.0 of Intellimarc™
We are pleased to announce the release of Intellimarc version 5.4.0.  Intellimarc is a carrier-grade software solution for monitoring and troubleshooting unified communications (UC) networks.  Intellimarc provides real-time call records and can support one to thousands of simultaneous voice and video calls per software agent.  With thousands of deployments world-wide since 2009, Intellimarc has been battle-proven on large carrier networks and can service all of your UC monitoring needs.
Touchstone announces cloud-based call generation
Touchstone Technologies, a leading supplier of Voice and Video over IP test solutions, has announced the availability of cloud-based call generation. Touchstone's WinSIP and Win323 call generators are now available pre-provisioned for your short or long-term call generation needs.
Intellimarc deployed at more than 1,500 sites on AT&T's global business VoIP network
Touchstone has deployed more than 1,500 customer-premise Intellimarc probes to provide AT&T's customer-facing SLA reports for their global business VoIP offerings.
SLA Monitoring White Paper
Things that go bump on your network: Five reasons why you need to monitor your communication networks
Touchstone selected by AT&T for global business VoIP SLA monitoring
Touchstone Technologies, a leading supplier of Voice and Video over IP test solutions, has announced that its next-generation SLA monitoring solution, Intellimarc, has been selected by AT&T for VoIP SLA monitoring on its global network.
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Touchstone Technologies supplies software and cloud-based test and measurement solutions for IP communications networks and applications including call generators, distributed monitoring solutions and protocol analysis tools.

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SIP Testing
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Network Diagnostics
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Distributed Monitoring
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Protocol Analysis
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