Please read our legal notice regarding system performance.

Note: Capacity is based on the number of concurrent calls with perfect media streams.  All hardware configurations use Intel Pro GT/MT gigabit Ethernet cards.  Other cards have shown significant performance degradation.  We do not recommend server cards for WinSIP applications as these are tuned for TCP and do not perform as well as the desktop cards.

Higher capacities (approximately 3x) can be achieved by sacrificing media quality.

The values stated below are for two WinSIPs on identical machines back-to-back in a geographically proximate configuration.  Signaling and media passing through other devices may impact the performance of the system as a whole.  These results are typical of the current system test results.

1 x 3.0GHz P4, 512 MB RAM, 800 MHz FSB (single instance)

  • 425 calls with G.711 media
  • 750 calls with G.729 media
  • 45,000 signaling only calls
  • 2,000,000 Busy Hour Call Completions (BHCC)

1 x 2.2GHz Dual Core, 2 GB RAM, 1066 MHz FSB (single instance)

  • 800 calls with G.711 media
  • 1,500 calls with G.729 media
  • 45,000 signaling only calls
  • 3,000,000 Busy Hour Call Completions (BHCC)

2 x 2.2GHz Dual Core Opteron, 2 GB RAM, 1066 MHz FSB (two instances)

  • 2,000 calls with G.711 media
  • 3,500 calls with G.729 media
  • 90,000 signaling only calls
  • 5,000,000 Busy Hour Call Completions (BHCC)


RFC Support (VoIP and extensions)

  • H.323 V4
  • H.225 V5
  • H.245 V7
  • Q.931
  • H.460.9
  • RFC 1889 (RTP I)
  • RFC 3550 (RTP II)
  • Multiple Gatekeeper Support
  • Bandwidth Enforcement
  • Supports RIP Commands
Call Control
  • Initial Delay
  • Post-Dial Delay
  • Ring Duration
  • Call Repetitions
    1. Single
    2. Repeat Infinitely
    3. Repeat Specified Iterations
  • Call Duration
  • Inter Call Delay (success)
  • Inter Call Delay (error)
  • Stop on Error
Modes of Operation
  • Initiate Calls (Scripted)
  • Answer Calls (Scripted)
  • Unattended Answer (Unscripted)
  • Gatekeeper Test (Scripted)
  • Gatekeeper emulation
H.323 Options
  • Support For H.460.9
  • Send RAS LRRQ
  • Send H.225 Status Inquiry
  • Send H.245 Round Trip Delay
  • Send DTMF In H.245 UII Message
Diagnostic Capabilities
  • Signal, connectivity, load, torture testing
  • Media Jitter/Latency
  • Call, Session and QoS summary reports
  • Extensive Error Tracking
  • Delay/Stop on error
Codec Support
Audio (extensible)
  • G.711 Alaw, mUlaw
  • G.722.1
  • G.723 5.3Kb/s
  • G.723 6.3Kb/s
  • G.729 Annex A
  • AMR
Video (extensible)
  • H.261 QCIF, CIF, 4CIF, 16CIF
  • H.263 QCIF, CIF, 4CIF, 16CIF
  • H.264